Organic Carbon Solution

WHITE NEEM (Thermal Fog Enhancer)

One of the most common forms of conventional pesticide application is the use of mechanical sprayers. Hydraulic sprayers consists of a tank, a pump, a lance (for single nozzles) or boom, and a nozzle. Framers convert a pesticide formulation containing a mixture of water, adjuvant and chemical into droplets, which can be relatively large water droplets. Everybody knows fungal spore, virus or bacteria that attack the plant are primarily spread by wind and they can also move to nearby plants by taking a ride on splashing those water droplets.

To avoid these problems, many scientist introduced different kind of thermal fog delivering method, which is very practical because very tiny fog droplet can deliver active ingredient to pest include hiding place where water droplet cannot reachable back side of leaf, dead skin of plant stem, inside of spider, inside of flower and unknown crevasse or cracks.

But conventional thermal fog should not be used directly to plant because it contain phytotoxic petrochemical or Diethylene Glycol that can cause death of bees, deformation of flower and fruit, scorching leaf and finally can kill plant.

But WHITE NEEM thermal fog enhancer formulated with natural ingredients-neem oils with other common cosmetic ingredients do not pause those threat to plant. WHITE NEEM thermal fog enhancer is designed to carry both hydrophobic and hydrophilic insecticide and has been specially designed to amplify the performance of disinfectants, insecticides or liquid nutrients foliar spray by Thermal Fog Generators.

Visible Movement of Fog Droplet (Safe to use during flower season)
Not like conventional fog enhancer or spray adjuvant, WHITE NEEM does not leave any carcinogenic and hazardous residues such as Toluene, Benzene, Xylene or Ethyl Benzene because it does not contain any petro diesel but natural ingredients.

Also you can save cost of chemical insecticide more than 50% due to it is manufactured with the most updated superfine-emulsion technology to make thermal or cold fog agent for thorough excellent infiltration ability, longer airborne and surface attachment.

In closed environment like greenhouse, most of conventional thermal fog application can cause severe leaf scorching damage can occur, furthermore in worst case, adjuvant itself can kill the plant.
WHITE NEEM has been widely used in greenhouse plant – strawberry, tomato, cucumber etc – in Korea FOR OVER 3 YEARS, include during most chemical sensitive flowering season without any problems and all of substances in WHITE NEEM is environmentally safe and UV-degradable and biodegradable.
Application and application rate of WHITE NEEM

Closed Environment (Greenhouse, Animal Farm, Mushroom Farm)

* Mix 1L of Water with 1L of WHITE NEEM 1L and add 30cc for 600m2 (Inlet Ingredient: Insecticide, Fungicide, Nutrients)

Open Space thermal fogging against adult mosquitoes

WHITE NEEM can save cost of insecticide
Cost analysis (Eradication of spider mite in strawberry greenhouse, 600m2 )
Method Smoke Can White Neem
Method Fludioxonil(20%) granule, 5 can (200g/each) Fludioxonil(20%) Liquid 40mL + White Neem 700ml +  Water 400ml
Cost $60.00 $8.00
Time Min. 6hours Max. 10 min
Technical specifications
Package: 20 kg, 1mt
Toxicology Information
WHITE NEEM pass no 320 toxic pesticide residue criteria analyzed by Multi-residue methods (MRMs). PLEASE ASK A COPY OF 320 TOXIC RESIDUAL AGROCHEMICAL ANALYSIS REPORT.