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Commercialization of Sustainable Technology with Moringa

Moringa Tree is called as the “miracle tree” because it can cure abnormality of human health. Every Government’s agricultural sectors in tropical region promote growing, manufacturing and trad but ended up in vane due to focusing on food stuffs.
Our company has been involved in the industrial technology development of Moringa for more than 10 years and had achievement of 6 patents include below items;
Moringa Peptide inorganic hybrid
Moringa have unique peptide that can coagulate pollutants in water but its molecular size is too small to be used as industrial wastewater. Our technology development goal was how to increase molecule weight of Moringa peptide and solved problems by utilizing sorption cationic Moringa peptide onto negatively charged alluminosilicate minerals surface and successfully registered patent in 2010. This innovative materials can be used that can used as coagulation, anti-bacteria, heavy metal adsorption, fertilizer, cosmetic and many more applications We had awarded “Excellent Green Technology of 2010 and typical process is as below;
Moringa Chelated Minerals
Moringa plant grow almost 5cm per day after propagation due to presence of large amount of plant growth hormone and various nutrients.



8days (10/30)

8days (3cm, 10/30)

9days (8cm, 10/31)

10days (12cm, 11/01)

11days (17cm, 11/02)

13days (22cm, 11/04)
Our technology is hydrolyze Morina plant to extract those active ingredients and chelated onto porous minerals and successfully registered as patent in 2012. It can be used as foliar spray, animal feed additives and cosmetic additives that can remove airborne contaminants.

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Our value chain of Moringa is;