Moringa Technology

Organic Carbon Solution

INOFLOC (Innovative Flocculent)

Moringa have unique peptide that can coagulate pollutants in water and has been used in different tropical countries. But its molecular weight is too light to be used as industrial purpose. INOFLOC utilizing sorption cationic Moringa peptide onto negatively charged alluminosilicate minerals surface and successfully increased molecular weight more than 1,000 times that can be used as water coagulant.

Water Purification with INOFLOC


Dying wastewater

Dying wastewater

Sewage water

Food Water

Heavy metal

Character of INOFLOC

Coagulate pollutant regardless of pH of water

Moringa peptide do not change pH of water
Most of water treatment chemical need pH adjustment before application but INOFLOC do not need acid or alkaline, pH adjustment chemicals, furthermore, it does not change pH of raw water after treatment.
Dying Wastewater Treatment Result

Turbidity removal is same as ALUM (Remove more than 95%)

NOFLOC do not change pH

Color removal is same as ALUM (Remove more than 95%)

Comparison with Aluminum Sulfate

Raw water INOFLOC Alum
Al 2.241 0.073 7.36
Ca N.D N.D 9.937
Cr 0.027 0.013 0.016
Cu 0.088 0.075 0.07
Fe 20.76 0.15 0.586
K 10.01 9.27 4.68
Mg 4.395 3.554 1.892
Mn 0.004 N.D 0.004
Zn 0.087 N.D 0.011

Fecal Coliform Removal