Moringa Technology

Organic Carbon Solution


Moringa Extact potetially suppress harmful bacteria growth as shown below;
Bacterium Fx method Concentration(ng/ml)
10 100
inhibitory zone(Φ, nm)
Bacillus subtilis 1021 70% EtOH 11 23
90% EtOH 14 25
Bacillus subtilis PCI219 70% EtOH 13 25
90% EtOH 14 26
Escherichia coli KCTC 1681 70% EtOH 7 11
90% EtOH 8 11
Pseudomonas aeruginosa KCTC 2004 70% EtOH 13 23
90% EtOH 13 23
Salmonella typhimurium KCTC 2514 70% EtOH 19 30
90% EtOH 25 30

Moringa Extact potetially suppress harmful bacteria growth as shown below;

Water filtration treatment is one of the frequently using treatment processes used in drinking water and wastewater treatment. The main purpose of filtration is to remove divalent ions, residual agro-chemicals, bacteria and viruses that can contaminate human. Also create soft water where need to be used as drinking water for animal and irrigation water for agriculture. Many simple type of filter system can be change into biofilter using Moringa parts. Problems involved in normal filter system are; 1) cannot be effective till bio-film formation, 2) Heavy metals and bacteria cannot be removed effectively, 3) Not convenient to change media. Those problems solved by using Moringa as main component of filter system. We have designed Moringa biofilter system using energy and no energy at all that can be used anywhere needed.
Low cost Moringa bio-filtration module with no electricity
Fully automated Moringa water purification system
Moringa Purification for animal/human drinking water