Agricultural Input

Organic Carbon Solution

POWER UP (Liquid HUMIC ACID for Agriculture)

  • Input : Soil Amendment and Plant Growth
  • National Notice Number : 1-3-001


Power up are an entirely soluble product that dissolves readily in water for agricultural use. It contains both humic and fulvic acids with minimal nutrients. Liquid Humic works to not only benefit the plant, but also improve soil fertility acting as valuable soil’s organic colloid-nutrients storage. Power up of hydrolyzed humic acid work as a fertilizer enhancer, growth promoter to plants and the growth enhancer for soil microorganisms. Power up use alkaline extraction with highly oxidized phytogenic brown coal that arise from the chemical and biological humification of plants materials without contact of seawater.

The most important thing is no thermal process or highly caustic materials has been utilized during manufacturing process to preserve valuable bio-active polyphenol and quinone functional group which can fix problems in sandy and heavy clay soils, furthermore excessive salt accumulated due to repeated cultivation.

It can be applied to both soil and foliar to agricultural and horticultural plants. Also it can enhance the performance of fertilizers and reduce input costs.

Also, our processing equipment has been designed by own engineer who has been working at geo-environmental engineering for over 30 years made possible to activate and preserve fresh functional groups such as carboxyls, phenols, etc.

By doing so, our products has been used for many different applications such as;
Power up and soil nutrient
The colloidal complex of soils that consists mainly of clay mineral and humic acid and it plays very important role in ion exchange and fertility. One of the most important properties of colloids is their ability to adsorb or hold, and release the mineral ions which ionic form plant nutrients. Mineral Colloids have a negative charge as a result of their physical and chemical composition but cation holding capacity is relatively smaller than organic humic acid colloid. That is why choose humic acid have less minerals and ash are very critical to maintain soil fertility.
At a basic level, soil compaction happens when something collapses the air pockets in between the components in the soil. Normal causes of agricultural soil of loosing pore are loosing organic matter and excessive fertilization that can bind to clay particles such as Ca, Fe, NH4 etc., Both problems can solved easily by supplying Power up.
Reactive sites in ACTIVE are COOH or Phenolic-OH and they selectively chelate soil cation like Calcium ion to prevent bind to clay particles or anions solubilized in soil water.. This is how ACTIVE molecules loosen soil and water so;uble form of chlated Calcium is delivered to the plant root system more freely.
Active substances can buffer soil pH acting as hydrogen donor and acceptor depend on sorrounding pH of soil.
Soil aggregation is very important factor of soil productivity and need glue materials in soil such as metabolite from living organism in soil and humified organics such as humic acid. ACTIVE substances contain very pure form of humic acid can coagulate clay particles in soil also it can stimulate growth of microorganism and earth worms those responsible degradation of organic matter..
Clay (smaller than 0.002mm ) Power up is glue in soil Aggregation
Application of Power up
(1) Active 24
  • Soil treatment: Mix with 1,000 times of water and use minimum 5 times with 2~3 liters per acre
  • Foliar Spray: Mix with 2,000 times of water and use minimum 5 times with 1~2 liters per acre
(2) Active 24
  • Soil treatment: Mix with 500 times of water and use minimum 5 times with 2~3 liters per acre
  • Foliar Spray: Mix with 1,000 times of water and use minimum 5 times with 1~2 liters per acre
(3) Hydroponic Chelating Agent
  • Add 190g of Citric Acid and vigorously agitate about 2 hours on 1 liter of Active 12
  • Leave minimum 24 hours and remove sedimentation
  • Add 500cc to hydroponic nutrients 1 hour before supplying
We don’t use ant thermal treatment to make powder to avoid deformation of functional groups in ACTIVE Humic Acid. Cold Potassium Hydrolysis can deliver best performance
The resulting Liquid ACTIVE 80 is compatible with many liquid fertilizers and micro nutrients. Addition of the Liquid ACTIVE 80 to these products should not be done without first testing compatibility on a small scale.